How long have you been working on this?

We have been working on L.U.C.Y. for over a year now and we are happy to announce the delivery of the first units later this year.

Why Kickstarter?

We are on Kickstarter to overcome some additional costs of software development we might encounter and we feel like it is time to present L.U.C.Y. to the world.

Why is the funding goal so low?

L.U.C.Y. is made by an experienced team of start up creators and we are funded to a certain point. Join the development process and make your voice heard. We have plenty of L.U.C.Y. prototypes internally. But we want to make the L.U.C.Y. available to all kinds of people, today, so they can be part of the development process. Kickstarter makes that possible. Your voice will be critical to making the L.U.C.Y. hardware and software as great as they can be.

Can I set up L.U.C.Y. in multiple rooms?

Actually that is the best way to install L.U.C.Y. - in more than one room. You can share everything with your family and have everything accessible from any room.

Is there a prototype?

Yes - of course. As of today we have multiple installations up and running in our teams households. And we can tell you we love them. Find some photos in the About us section.