Hi, I am L.U.C.Y.

I am your home assistant. I will assist you and your family every day. I am your family companion taking care of all the little things. I am beautifully integrated in your house to help you and connected with everything inside and outside. When you look at me, I will recognize you. You can talk to me, or use the touch screen.
Got it? Great. I am at your service.

Touch screen
HD Camera


We have a gorgeous Full-HD touch display that fits in every surrounding and enables your home assistant to show you things and use it with your fingertips too if you want.

Why L.U.C.Y. is better

One smarter device, designed specifically for all the needs a family has, and for connecting all the technology in your household.


With her HD Cam L.U.C.Y. can recognize faces and serve every family member based on their own preferences.


L.U.C.Y. understands you well and will do what you tell her.


L.U.C.Y. comes with an LED HD touch screen to simplify your life and allow you to write notes.


L.U.C.Y. speaks English (US,UK) and German. She can update you on all events via voice.


Simply by saying: "Lucy, learn this" you can teach her new things you want to automate.


L.U.C.Y. will assist you and your family in your daily routines. You can leave messages for others, set reminders, ask her questions and much more.


Share your calendars, shopping lists and photos with your family. Simply by sending them to L.U.C.Y. with your mobile app.


Display your photos on L.U.C.Y. and use it like a picture frame. Or choose your favorite artist from our art app.


L.U.C.Y. can connect to many gadgets in your smart home. With our cloud enabled service hub we will deliver even more connections over time.

Easy to set up.

Connect L.U.C.Y. to power and WiFi. That’s it. Now she will guide you.

All updates are for free. For ever.

We will constantly bring you new services and features.

Apps you will love

L.U.C.Y. provides services and apps for your household and your family. With L.U.C.Y. you can share notes, video messages, shopping lists, to dos and pictures.

Stay in touch

With our family tracker you will always know where your beloved ones are (if they allow).

Designed for you

isn’t just state of the art; it can also be customized for every member of your household. The device has thin borders and a slim design that help it fit into any surroundings, whether your home is a Bauhaus flat or a New York loft.

Everyday L.U.C.Y. gets smarter

Not only because we develop new updates, but also because of you. You can teach L.U.C.Y. what you want her to organize, and she will try to learn from your behavior.


L.U.C.Y. comes in three different sizes - 17", 24" and 27" and 4 different colors.


Aluminium case (15", 17", 24", 27")

from $169




Aluminium case (15", 17", 24", 27")

from $169




Aluminium case (15", 17", 24", 27")

from $169

on Kickstarter


The better

home assistant

L.U.C.Y. comes standard with a set of features including:

For modern living.

A piece of art fitting into any surroundings. Easy to install and looks gorgeous.

Leave a note for your loved ones.

The chalkboard function lets you leave messages for your family. Whether you are coming home late, or want to remind your wife to take her medicine.

All the apps you need.

Weather, messaging, notes, chalkboard, email, news browser, photos, video calls and so much more. Whatever you need, we have it for you.

Easy to install in your living room, kitchen, office or multiple rooms.

Your custom dashboard.

You decide how you want to design and configure your dashboard.

L.U.C.Y. knows everyone.

Once trained L.U.C.Y. will recognize everyone in the house, to make sure you find what you’re looking for.

Health and Fitness.

Let Lucy be your personal coach. By showing you interactive training videos and keeping track of your sessions, she will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Different persons mean different settings.

Individual settings, customized learning, and behaviors for each family member. Lucy is for everyone in your family. And when she recognises for example your daughter, she will load her personal settings and match with her behaviours.

Talk to her.

She will listen. She will assist you and answer you. You will be surprised how smart she is.


Surprise your loved ones by sending messages from anywhere in the world, right into your home. You can use your companion app or the home assistant in your house.

Bringing it all together for a less stressful life.

Imagine L.U.C.Y. as your family organizer, bringing all your daily routines together in the best way possible.

Send pictures from anywhere

With your companion app you can send pictures from anywhere in the world right into your home.

Cooking classes.

L.U.C.Y. can’t cook. But she can definitely teach you how with interactive video cooking courses.

The smartest home assistant you’ll find.

By learning your behavior, observing outside influences like weather reports, traffic jams or work schedules, Welcome Home is a more intelligent butler than you could ever wish for.

Photo Albums

Finally, a tool you can use to display your photos. Use L.U.C.Y. to remind you of the beautiful times you and your family have had.

Companion app

With your companion app you can access L.U.C.Y. from anywhere and control your smart home or share lists.


Access fine art from galleries and artists around the world and bring it into your home.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to hello@welcome-lucy.com

How long have you been working on this?

We have been working on L.U.C.Y. for over a year now and we are happy to announce the delivery of the first units later this year.

Why Kickstarter?

We are on Kickstarter to overcome some additional costs of software development we might encounter and we feel like it is time to present L.U.C.Y. to the world.

Why is the funding goal so low?

L.U.C.Y. is made by an experienced team of start up creators and we are funded to a certain point. We have plenty of L.U.C.Y. prototypes internally. But we want to make the L.U.C.Y. available to all kinds of people, today, so they can be part of the development process. Kickstarter makes that possible. Your voice will be critical to making the L.U.C.Y. hardware and software as great as they can be.

Can I set up L.U.C.Y. in multiple rooms?

Actually that is the best way to install L.U.C.Y. - in more than one room. You can share everything with your family and have everything accessible from any room.

Is there a prototype?

Yes - of course. As of today we have 3 installations up and running in our own houses. And we can tell you we love them. Find some photos in the About us section.

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of L.U.C.Y.. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials



Microphone & Speaker



Agency approvals

Energy consumption

meet the team

We are a small group of inventors, hackers and designers from the different parts of the world on a mission.

Oliver Winkler


Joerg Janda

Head of Design

Michael Pilzweger

Creative Mind

Conny Mauss

Marketing Manager

Dustin Touchton

Product Manager

Gabor Wraight


Our development team

Code, code, code


Here’s our roadmap to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Delivery starts in December 2016
September 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign

We are almost there. Time to to say "Hello World".

April 2016

First home installation

February 2016

Galleries, Weather, Reminders and News are integrated

December 2015

First test installation

December 2015

Smart home connections are working

November 2015

First prototype

October 2015

Version 1.0 of the AI, Voice and Face recognition are up and running

August 2015

Funding secured, Prototype development

July 2015

Hardware evaluation with suppliers

April 2015

Research and Development


Mobile companion app

You can use our mobile companion app to connect to L.U.C.Y. and get even more services.


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